Sacred Heart College

Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy is the realization of a long cherished dream of the people of Chalakudy and the suburbs. The will of the people assisted by the blessings of heaven played a marvelous role in starting the college. The profound fellow feeling of the Clarist Sisters paved the way for the starting of the college in 1980 by the Alvernia Province of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. The College is affiliated to the University of Calicut.....

Department Of Commerce

The department of commerce is one of the listed departments in sacred heart college, Chalakudy since 2005.The effective leadership of the former Principal, Rev.Sr. Therese Mary serves as pointer to proudly assert greater goals and achievements accomplished.....


Principal Desk

The long cherished desire of the Commerce Department becomes a reality the windows of the department are opened to the global world. Yes, may this website be a source to spread the fragrance of the department all over the world, a stone to step up the young minds to the global world and a bridge to fill the gap between the college and alumni.
I have a dream where in Sacred Heart College and the products of Sacred Heart College are rated the best in the country in terms of their social responsibility, academic brilliance and above all their Indian- ness in the global and competitive world. This can happen if and only if the alumni who are spread across the world working in various sectors comeback to the college and spend some of their valuable time with the students and share their experiences, expertise and knowledge which in turn will benefit to students and add value to their academics.
Let me take this opportunity to applaud the efforts of the staff, students, alumni and parents of Commerce Department for all their hard work and sincere and dedicated efforts in keeping the sacred heart flag flying high in the academic as well as co-curricular activities.

May the blessings of god almighty be with you always and everywhere.